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For a decade now, Anisa Hassan has been the go-to person for matters relating to dating, relationship and entrepreneurship. Her ongoing research and study on human relationships, coupled with her hands-on private practice consulting with her clients have led her to believe that the time has come for a deeper understanding of a relationship makeover.

Central to having good relationships with others is the understanding that one must first choose to have a kind and loving relationship with oneself. Through her work at It’s Just Lunch Asia as well as her private consultations with her clients, Anisa has come to the conclusion that the root of all relationship problems, issues and challenges stem from the failure to understand, appreciate, love and approve of oneself. She firmly believes that the elusive search for love through other people or external means, should simply start from within.

Anisa also helps her clients reap the benefits of ‘majoring in success’ by getting them to focus on their personal relationships with their health and wealth. Through a simple yet effective method, Anisa helps her clients eliminate self limiting beliefs, manage stress, boost self-esteem, strengthen mental toughness and change their outlook in life for the better.

At the corporate level, Anisa has partnered with a world renowned leadership company, to offer a suite of training workshops aimed at enhancing the quality and authenticity of their leaders while improving the company’s bottom line. As a Founding Partner of The John Maxwell Team, Anisa travels extensively throughout the region to share sound leadership principles and best practices in business. Winning “The Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award” in 2006 has also propelled her desire to help small businesses and young upstarts, succeed.

Here, you will find a repository of information, ideas and suggestions relating to relationship, success, leadership and business. Anisa will continue to work tirelessly with some of the best minds in the success and leadership industry to help nurture and inspire you to be the best, most influential version of yourself.



“I have always been shy and reserved and have had very little interaction with men except for my colleagues. I have learnt deeply after attending the Relationship Breakthrough Workshop that all the limitations I have placed on myself could be easily dissolved by just following a few simple steps. I am beginning to feel more at ease with myself and I no longer feel the need to retreat to my shell every time I’m in an unfamiliar environment. I’m continuing with personalised coaching with Anisa as I find her genuine and really caring about the progress I’m making.”
“I engaged Anisa for her coaching services when I was feeling very low in my self esteem department especially after failing in a long term relationship. At every session, we explore ways to increase my level of self confidence and how I could use every setback as an opportunity to get better and stronger in managing the many unexpected events in my life. I have found clarity in my sessions with Anisa and she holds nothing back from me. I believe she genuinely cares and I could not have asked for a better, more experienced coach in this field.”
Tiffany Lewis, Investment Banker,USA
“There are times when I felt that a lot more could have been achieved if only I had engaged Anisa Hassan for her services earlier. As an entrepreneur, I wear many hats – running the operations, sales and marketing, recruitment and motivating team members while constantly watching out for my bottom line. What I have learnt through my sessions is the need to compartmentalize my responsibilities, work on my strength and farm-out my weakness. I no longer feel that I have to be a super human to run my team and I’m enjoying the process of running my business even more“.
Dave Setia, Entrepreneur, Indonesia
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