A $1000 lunch date

Over the weekend, The Business Times broke the news that my company It's Just Lunch Asia  has launched a new Men's Elite Club that charges clients $1,000 for a very exclusive lunch date. This got a lot of people talking because until we launched this, no other agencies in Singapore has successfully cornered this […]

Do women really like bad boys? 5 tips in finding Mr Right (bad boy or not)

His chiselled scruffy looks could attract women from every corner of the globe… you know he could be a player… but somehow there’s just something risky about him that leaves your heart aflutter…
Why do bad boys attract women more often than nice men? What is it in their appeal that makes women fall for […]

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8 Tips To Assess If He’s That Into You

Great news: You’ve met a wonderful man! Good looks? Checked. Great personality? Checked. And if you could draw up your Dream Man material checklist now, he would make ticks on most of the boxes. It’s obvious; you’re into him. Oh but wait. Is he into you as well?

Before you start pressurizing him to label […]

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Dating Reinvented for the 21st Century

Dating in the 21st century is much different than what it was in the previous century. While the desire for love and companionship has remained unchanged, all the different way of meeting people these days has ironically made it even more difficult for people to find their potential partners. Admittedly, our busy work schedules […]

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Five Things To Do When Making a Good First Impression

In a fast paced world where creating a good first impression is key to building trust and relationship, why are so many people still guilty of committing the same mistakes?

Whether you’re in a social or professional setting, leaving a good first impression could go a long way in helping you open many doors of […]

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Are all the good men taken? Really?

How many times have you heard the phrase, “All the good men are taken. Those around are either married or gay!” This seems to be the number 1 excuse given by single women who are (a) looking at the wrong places (b) giving up without even trying to be pro-active (c) recently heart-broken women who have yet to find someone who she can share a loving, committed relationship with.

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Nine First Date Mistakes That Guarantee Zero Chance of a Second

Sure, you always try to make a great impression. But you may unwittingly be making these common moves that send a guy the wrong signal—and even scare him off. It’s best to delay the “real you” stuff until later in the relationship. […]

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Looks are everything to men, or is it?

“Set me up with the most beautiful girl on your database!”
I cannot remember a time when a man comes to my interview sessions and says he’s willing to compromise on looks! When I was first bewildered by such requirements, I have come to anticipate such remarks to the extent that I would find it strange if a man whom I interview never brings up the issue about “looks”. […]

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5 Surprising Things Men Find Attractive

How many times have you heard, "Men fall in love with their eyes?"  A lot, I'll bet. It's true, to a certain extent.  Men are visual creatures, and their initial attraction to any woman will be primarily inspired by her appearance.  Primarily.  Men don't fall for women they don't find visually appealing. […]

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